Our Story

We apply our best effort to provide to our customers the best
dining experience possible in our ‘Beautiful Place by the Sea’–Ogunquit.


Whedonaton Donato Tramuto moved to Ogunquit in 1991, he knew that he wanted to own a restaurant in town. Not just any restaurant; one that had the potential to bring about his singular, unique vision of what a great restaurant can be. With the purchase of Five-O, Donato was about to realize his dream.

During his ownership, he single-handedly has helped usher in some of the best fine dining in Ogunquit. His vision has included a classically-trained master chef, two pastry chefs, two sous chefs, seasoned bartenders and wait staff, and personable and friendly maitre-d’s; all unheard of in this small, seaside resort town.



Five-O first opened in 2001 as a neighborhood diner, just cooks cooking and putting out the fare. In 2004, Jeff Porter and his partner, Donato Tramuto, stepped in and purchased the location. Teaming with Gary Pucciarelli, they transformed Five-O into a fine dining establishment, bringing in a trained chef and serving Mediterranean fare with a farm-to-table New England touch. The emphasis is on simple, approachable dishes with Italian and Spanish influences, driven by fresh native ingredients. Our experience is all about the food and making guests feel good.

Five-O’s envious location–just off the intersection of Route 1 and Shore Road–makes serving a full house in summer as easy as opening all the windows and hanging up an “Open” sign. But the lifeline that keeps Five-O open during the off-season is the locals. To keep things lively during the chilly seasons, Five-O hosts monthly wine dinners with seasonal menus, as well as events that coincide with the numerous yearly celebrations launched by Ogunquit’s Chamber of Commerce.